7 Marketing Tools We Offer For Disability Insurance

Improve your Disability Income (DI) sales with any or all of the numerous marketing assets we have available for your immediate use.

We are here to help you design and add customized marketing materials to your catalog of DI sales tools.

Some of the marketing tools we offer include:
E-mails – Several Disability-focused topics are available to help generate interest with your clients. It’s a perfect opportunity to market a topic and attach a customized proposal.
Customizable Marketing Materials – We’re delivering on your requests for customizable materials to use in your local market. Using Adobe Reader, you can customize designated sections of several DI marketing materials.
Byline Articles – These are an excellent way to increase your credibility and position yourself as an industry specialist. They’re ideal for submitting to local publications and for use in newsletters.
Approach Letters – Use these for targeted mailings to prospects. Marketing material inserts are available to supplement the mailing.
Testimonials – One of the more popular approaches to selling Disability Insurance is to provide a “real life” story. Several testimonials showcasing the importance of income protection are available.
Client Seminars – Ideal for the worksite or for your own seminar, these presentations cover topics such as the Disability Triple Threat, The Need For Disability Insurance and much more.
From Here to Security – This is a comprehensive educational program to help share the importance of income protection. Many different types of materials are available, including a consumer education booklet and an interactive needs-based calculator.
For access and more information about these Disability Income Insurance marketing tools, contact your Disability Income Marketing Representative today!