The Best Income Rider In The Industry, By Far 💸 Tuesday, May 28

The best income rider in the industry, by far!

Tuesday, May 28th – 9.00 AM to 9.30 AM PST


Income bonuses and high roll up rates – yes, those are nice.  But what your client actually cares about when looking at an income rider on an annuity is the best bottom-dollar income.

Many carriers today market their income rider touting features like ‘Top income bonus in the industry’ or ‘The highest roll up rate available’.  Join CPS for a web conference where we’ll discuss the top rider in the industry for ‘income-sooner’ type clients.  We’ve done the benchmarking – this income rider has the best actual income per year 90% of the time.

With top allocation options like a 5.25% fixed rate and caps on the S&P500 at 10.75%, this offering knocks it out of the park on accumulation and income.  Register Now!

Hosted by Scott White, RICP®, AAPA, ALMI, CPS Vice President of Annuity Sales and Marketing.

Questions?  Contact the CPS Annuity Team at (949) 863-0700 at Option 2.