3 Key Questions Demonstrating The Need For LTC

Finding reasons why your clients need LTCi can be a challenge. You want them to understand the importance and need for the product, and also how it can impact them and their family.
Ask these 3 questions to your prospective clients to drive the point home on why having a LTCi policy is so important.
1. What’s your plan?
Your client has probably not thought about what they will do when they reach an age when they need help with tasks they are used to doing themselves. Have they thought about where they will live, or who they will live with? These planning questions are a great starting block to getting the LTCi sale.
2. Who do you know?
Ask your client if they know someone that has been in a LTC situation, or maybe they have even been in one them self? If they have seen the emotional, physical and financial burden a LTC situation can have, they most likely do not want the same to happen to their family.
3. How will you pay?
Does your client know that health insurance does not cover LTC services? Explain to them that a LTCi policy can give them the care they want and prefer. A LTCi policy can also make sure funds are available when your client needs them, then they won’t diminish their retirement savings or have to liquidate assets.
These questions are just the beginning on how to demonstrate to your clients the need for LTCi. Be sure to ask these questions and stress the need of LTC on your next appointment.
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