3 Out Of 4 Clients Want Help Preparing For Retirement – Do They Know How You Can Help?

Clients often think of life insurance solely as an instrument to protect them in the event of premature death, unaware of the valuable tax benefits that are afforded through cash value life insurance. And in today’s volatile marketplace, clients that are saving to retire need all the help they can get.

You have access to many products that can provide your clients with tax favored cash accumulation and if structured properly, will also provide for non-reportable, tax-free income.

The ability to specify a premium schedule is one of the great features available in our cash value life insurance products, removing the objection that the policy costs too much money. By educating your clients about the benefits of cash value life insurance as a long-term savings vehicle, they are likely to fund the policy with as much premium as they can reasonably afford.
While term insurance may be efficient for replacing income, or indemnifying debts, clients are very likely to outlive their level benefit period – receiving no return on their premium contributions.
How You Can Help
Recommending a cash value insurance policy at a younger age and more favorable health will better prepare your clients to address critical financial concerns such as retirement income planning, college tuition funding for loved ones and also paying for unexpected events (medical emergencies, litigation, home renovations, etc.) in their family.
The longer that you can fund a policy and allow the cash value account to compound interest and grow, the larger the potential income stream will be. One of the unique features of using life insurance is the death benefit – if the insured dies prior to accessing their cash values, it will provide a tax-free return on the premiums paid to date.
Many of your clients want to have a conversation about their options in regards to preparing themselves for retirement, but feel overwhelmed by the thought or do not know where to start. If you haven’t shared how cash value life insurance can play an integral role in their long-term financial planning strategy, you are likely missing out on easy sales; leaving the door open for another broker to have that conversation with them instead.
Your Life Sales Rep can provide you with an understanding of the different products available for cash accumulation. We can provide you with customized solutions for each client. Whether they can spend $100/month, $1,000/month or $10,000/month, we can create a solution that fits their budget.
Contact us today to learn how you can begin to position cash value life insurance as a core product offering to all of your clients.