3 Simple Steps To Generate More LTCi Leads

While educational seminars or direct mail campaigns are good lead generation tools, these campaigns can be costly and usually take time to yield considerable results.

So how can you build momentum and grow your Long-Term Care Insurance business without breaking the bank?

Follow these 3 simple steps:
  • Identify price-sensitive consumers in your client/prospect database who are currently on the fence. While these leads may have grown cold, the introduction of an affordable price point could warm ‘em right up.
  • Schedule a brief meeting with each of the prospects you’ve spoken with in the past, to discuss the type of plan that would meet their needs and budget concerns.
  • Use tailored needs-based marketing and support. You stand a better chance of shortening your sales cycle and generating new business.
Make certain your clients have the right LTC plan in place to meet their needs.
Contact your LTCI Sales Rep for more information.