3 Ways To Start A LTCI Sale With Your Retirement-Age Prospects

You may have some retirement-age clients who did not purchase Long-Term Care Insurance in the past due to high premiums.

By crafting your sales approach, you can reach out to these prospects about affordable long term care insurance and designing a plan within their budget.

Here’s how you can get the LTCi conversation started with the retirement-age market:
  • Help them understand that having some level of protection in place versus ignoring the possibility of needing care altogether enables them to hedge against the risk of requiring long term care.
  • Discuss their concerns about protecting their retirement assets, how they want to spend their retirement with family, and their fears about burdening loved ones with their care needs.
  • Explain that an LTC Insurance policy can now be as affordable as they need it to be – flexibility in plan design and product features enables coverage to work for most budgets.
We’re here to help you design a plan that is both affordable and the best solution for your clients’ needs – contact your LTCI Sales Rep for guidance.