4 Ways Clients Can Cash Out On Their Life Insurance

Your clients need guaranteed life insurance protection today – but life changes, and so can your clients’ life insurance needs.

A unique feature on guaranteed universal life is a return of premium option, included at no additional charge within the policy, which provides clients with an exit strategy, giving them flexibility for their future.

How does this rider work?
Clients purchase a Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL) policy and make the required premium payments – the required premium is the amount that guarantees the death benefit through age 100. On the 15th, 20th and 25th policy anniversary, clients have a 60-day window where they have the opportunity to surrender their policy and get their premiums returned to them. If they don’t exercise the rider, there will be no impact on the policy.
4 Cash Benefits For Your Life Insurance Clients
  1. For Retirement. A 45-year-old insured receives 20 years of death benefit protection and at age 65 receives her paid premiums back and uses the cash to supplement retirement income.
  2. For College Costs. The insured bought two permanent policies and currently has young children. One of the policies was a GUL policy with the refund option available. When the children are at the age to attend college, the death benefit needs of the family change. He can surrender his GUL policy in year 15, 20 or 25 and use the cash to help pay for the child’s college education.
  3. For Business Planning. The insured owns her own business and has a key employee, Tom. She purchases a GUL policy to protect her business if Tom died unexpectedly. In year 18 of 20, Tom resigns – and two years later she will receive all of her premium payments back.
  4. To Pay-Up Another Policy. A 55 year old has a need for $5M in life insurance. He purchases two GUL policies, one for $2M and another for $3M. When he turns 75, he no longer needs as much coverage. He surrenders the $2M policy and uses the cash value to pay up the remaining policy. The insured still has $3M of insurance with no further premiums due.
Contact your Life Sales Rep for more on how the return of premium option can positively impact your clients and your business.