5 Reasons Referrals Are Your Best Sales Opportunities

If everybody knows referrals are a good way to find prospective clients, why does asking for them seem so hard?
Many producers think a request for referrals will come across as imposing or rude. But think of it this way: asking clients for names of people who are just like them actually can be considered a compliment.

When you ask for referrals, you’re acknowledging your clients made a smart decision and you’re simply asking them to share the results of that decision with others.

For example, in your search for prospective Long-Term Care clients, you might say:
I’m interested in meeting people much like yourself – people who are concerned about (protecting their retirement assets, avoiding becoming a burden to their children, remaining in their homes, etc.). I would really like the opportunity to talk with some of your friends and relatives – to share with them some of the same information we’ve gone over today. Who do you think we could help?
Asking people you already know to provide you with the names of people they know, will allow you to spend less time locating qualified prospects and more time selling to them.
Here are the 5 reasons referrals are your best sales opportunities:
  1. You approach prospects on a favorable basis. Having a friend or acquaintance in common greatly increases your odds of setting an appointment.
  2. It gives you credibility. Your client obviously felt the service you provided was valuable enough to share with others. And that helps to establish your value.
  3. It can boost your confidence. Making calls to referred prospects is a whole lot easier than making cold calls because you’re approaching people on familiar, comfortable and favorable terms.
  4. You can devote more time to selling. For every one appointment you get through hours of cold calling, you should be able to get at least three referred leads from a single sales interview.
  5. You get more well-qualified prospects because they can be qualified in advance. Asking for as much information as possible from the person providing the name allows you to be well prepared when you call a referral.
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