5 Tips to Start the Income Protection Conversation

To boost your Individual Disability Insurance (IDI) success, try these 5 tips to emphasize how IDI can provide much-needed income protection for your clients.
Focus on the Need, Not the Solution
Your clients likely don’t know why they need IDI and what it will do for them. Start with the basics – it provides income in the very real chance of a disabling injury or illness – and save the policy details for later.
Tell Stories to Make It Real
Most clients don’t believe disabilities will happen to them. They do believe they could get sick or hurt. Bring the risk to life with real life examples, such as being diagnosed with cancer or experiencing a back injury that prevents them from working and earning income.
Compare IDI with More Familiar Insurance Offerings
Clients understand the need for Auto or Homeowners Insurance to protect them. Explain that if they don’t have IDI to protect their ability to earn and income, they could lose their homes, cars, and lifestyle when they are unable to work.
Stick to the Facts
Illnesses like Cancer, Heart Attack, or Diabetes cause the majority of long-term disabilities, encourage clients to secure the most fundamental aspect of a financial plan – income.
Position IDI as the foundation of their Financial Plan
Financial planning is pointless if your clients lose the ability to earn an income to fund their plan. IDI can help ensure access to income if they unexpectedly are unable to work due to an injury or illness.
When selling IDI, clients may shy away from conversations about disability, but will understand and engage in conversations about loss of income. Helping clients make the connection between income protection and IDI could go a long way toward growing your business.
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