A Solution For The Client Who Wants It All

Client’s today are looking for solutions with complete flexibility that solve multiple needs, for a number of different situations. Often times, the client is searching for a “perfect” solution that guarantees a winning scenario in all circumstances.

For those exceptionally competitive clients, who are looking for a successful outcome in all scenarios, a Linked Benefit solution is the perfect fit.

While the future can never be predicted, one thing you can guarantee your client is that one of the following three scenarios will happen every time:
  • They will pass away without an LTC claim and their beneficiaries will receive a tax free death benefit
  • They will have an extended health care event and gain access to leveraged LTC benefits
  • They will later decide they want to surrender the policy and the carrier will provide a full refund of premium
With a Linked Benefit solution, you can provide a solution for not just one or two scenarios, but all three.
A Linked Benefit Policy covers both Long-Term Care (LTC) coverage and life insurance, and at the same time offers a Return of Premium Rider.
Linked Benefit policies attract people who:
  • Are retired, or approaching retirement
  • Are more affluent with higher net worth
  • Want to protect against potential LTC expenses AND leave a legacy to their loved ones
These policies help prepare your client simultaneously for a potential long term care event, an unexpected death, or immediate access to cash. Your clients’ needs may change with time, so the more options and flexibility, the better.
To show your clients how to position themselves in a winning hand, no matter the scenario, contact your LTC Sales Department today.