Aggressive Rates For High Blood Pressure

When it comes to underwriting, one of our A + rated carriers follows a responsibly aggressive approach and looks closely at controlled impairments.

Don’t let one impairment, like elevated blood pressure force your client into a Standard Non-tobacco class.

Here’s an example for the record:
  • 60-year- old female non-smoker
  • Has no history of high blood pressure
  • Her current BP is 150/92 (normal should be 140/90 and under)
  • Applied for $1 million of Permanent Life Insurance
This carrier offered Standard Plus!
If you aren’t quoting Standard Plus for your healthy standard cases, your clients could be paying more than they need to.
Our Underwriting Team is here to help with all of your impaired risk cases. Please contact us today for more information about this carrier and how we can help boost your sales.