An Underwriting Team That Will Get Your Business Placed

One of the most important aspects to placing more business is a knowledgeable underwriting team to be your advocate for those challenging cases.

The Life Underwriting team philosophy is “never say never”.

We don’t give up on a case because it’s difficult. We take on the challenge and look outside the box for solutions. This innovation sets us apart from the rest and helps to get more cases placed for your clients.
Here’s one example:
We were presented with case on a 60 year old seeking $1 million of UL coverage with a Long-Term Care Rider. The medical records revealed a history of inflammatory arthritis and the LTC rider was declined:
  • 8/2016 joint pain in hands and feet. He was treated with prednisone and colchicine for presumed gout, but without relief.
  • Rheumatoid factor and uric acid testing came back normal.
  • He was then referred to rheumatology, was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis and prescribed meloxicam. Joint pain improved after 3 months.
  • He has not been seen since 10/2018; at that time had no complaints of joint pain and was not taking any medication.
Given the time gap since the last visit in 2018 and no updated status of current condition, we went back to the carrier to discuss getting interim details to reconsider. We learned there had been no further episodes of joint pain nor any use of medication treatment since 2016. After review of the updated details, the LTC rider was then approved! Case was placed!
If we had not gone back to the carrier for reconsideration, the case would have remained a decline on the books. Another way we made a difference to our broker and the client.
Let our Underwriting Team help you with your challenging cases and generate more sales this year. We look forward to hearing from you.