Approaching LTCI For Couples With No Children

The need for long-term care does not discriminate. No matter what your income is, your marital status, or any other demographics that come into play – when you need long-term care, you need long-term care.
Clients with families and children typically consider themselves to have a “default” caregiver, someone who will always be on call if they were to encounter a long-term care situation. But what about your clients who do not have any children? How do they approach their need for long-term care?
Although couples may face the same long-term care risk as families with children, their situation may create a different set of challenges.

Not having a “default” caregiver in the form of a child can force your clients to think creatively about their long term care strategy.

Ask your clients, how do they want to live their life?
Living life without children opens up new possibilities and introduces some unique challenges. They may have more freedom to delve into their career and explore their interests. Yet, they may need to put more thought into long-term care than people with kids.
They could have a heightened need for professional assistance, since an adult child won’t be “on call” when and if they need help. And, if they’re part of a couple, they might bear a greater part of the work of providing care than they would if they had children.
Accidents, chronic illness, or simply the effects of aging could all result in a need for long-term care in the future. That’s why it’s important for everyone to take steps to preserve their quality of life and financial assets as they age.
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