Are You Asking The Right Questions?

Bringing up the subject of Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance is not always easy, but changes may have happened in your clients’ lives that make this the year to talk about LTC.

The annual financial review is a great time to discuss changes that may have occurred over the past year, and proactively plan in anticipation of events that may impact the success of meeting set goals.

Here are six easy questions you can ask to help get the conversation started:
  • Have you incurred additional expenses because a family member or friend needed care?
  • Have you needed to adjust your work schedule due to a family member or friend requiring supervision or assistance with activities of daily living?
  • Have you recently moved a parent or loved one into an assisted living facility or nursing home?
  • Have you recently become an empty nester?
  • Are you preparing for retirement?
  • Are you concerned with the government changes in healthcare and its inability to deliver a long-term care plan?
A ‘yes’ answer to one or more of those questions should help your clients realize that planning for an extended health care event with a long-term care policy makes sense. In fact, long-term care is not getting old or living in a nursing home – it’s about receiving the care you want, when you need it.
Proper planning will ensure your clients won’t have to depend solely on family or friends for unpaid care, or spend down most of their assets to qualify for government assistance. The benefits of a long-term care policy will help cover the costs of the care.
Long-Term Care Insurance provides security to families in the event of an untimely health event. Get the conversation started by asking your clients the right questions at their annual review. As a result, you may discover changes in health or planning opportunities based on anticipated needs.
Make certain your clients have the right LTC plan in place to meet their needs. Contact your LTC Sales Rep for more information.