Asking The Tough LTC Questions

When you meet with your clients to fill out a Long-Term Care application you are faced with asking tough questions. At times, not all clients feel comfortable telling you which medications they are on or why, or how much they weigh.

As an agent, it is your job to be thorough when completing the application in order to get your client the best offer available.

Here are some tips on asking the tough questions:
Set the Stage
Let your clients know why you are asking these personal questions. You could say something like this:
“Mr. and Mrs. Client, you don’t have to be in perfect health to get Long-Term Care Insurance, but you do need to be in relatively good health. It’s my job to gather that information, so I need to ask you some questions about your current health and about any medications you may be taking.”
Get An Accurate Health Picture
Just as a doctor needs complete and accurate information to make a diagnosis, you need it to make the best recommendation for your clients. Encourage them to be completely honest and thorough when answering health questions.
Learn The Story Behind The Medication
The medications your client takes usually tell the story but you should dig deeper to find out what conditions a medication has been prescribed to treat. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with common medications associated with uninsurable conditions.
Here are some common medications you should be familiar with:
  • Prednisone is prescribed for COPD and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Requip is prescribed for Parkinson’s Disease
  • Aricept is prescribed for Dementia
  • Avonex is prescribed for Multiple Sclerosis
Don’t Guess How Much Your Client Weighs
Ask them and remember to use build charts to assist you when filling out applications.
Lastly, it is smart to include a cover letter with the application stating information you learned about your client that may not have been required to disclose on application. This allows you to share more with the underwriter such as your client’s habits, lifestyle and what they are doing to manage current health issues. Remember, the more you can tell the underwriter about your client, the better chance for a positive underwriting outcome.
For more information on how to approach your clients about Long-Term Care applications contact your LTC Specialist at (949) 863-0700 Option 3 today.