Become A 3-Point Shooter By Understanding The proBNP

Just as basketball fans had to get used to the 3-point shot first debuted by the NBA in the 1979-80 season, we must get used to current trends in underwriting.
A blood test was introduced into the game and has been around for several years now. It’s called the proBNP.
What is it? The proBNP blood test is a marker for overall cardiovascular risk and a marker of long-term mortality in individuals with heart disease. It is released by the heart as a natural response to when the heart is not strong enough to pump adequate blood and nutrients to meet the body’s needs – when it is deprived of oxygen, or when the main heart muscle is enlarged from working too hard.
If the proBNP is abnormal on an exam lab panel, some carriers will automatically decline the applicant or ask for an additional cardiac work-up at the his/her expense in order to reconsider.

However, if the proBNP is favorable on an exam lab panel, carriers may be able to use the result as an underwriting credit for applicants ages 70 and up.

Here’s an example:
  • Male, Age 75, Non Smoker; Seeking $500,000 of UL coverage
  • History of a TIA (mini-stroke) 3 years ago
  • Followed closely by his physician
  • Insurance lab panel showed a proBNP of 55 (normal)
Under normal circumstances, this would be a mild substandard rate – however, with the credit, he can now qualify for Standard. That’s a 3-pointer and a win-win for us all!
Contact your Life Underwriting Department for more information.