Complete Income Protection for All

Modern day Disability insurers are forever fearful of accidentally over-insuring their clients. This is particularly true when dealing with highly compensated clients.
In the past, the income replacement percentage was often subjectively determined by a particular carrier’s underwriter.

As of late, the Council for Disability Awareness has tried to modernize the approach by implementing a statistical analysis approach that determined the need to replace at least 65% of income.

Traditional carriers often meet and sometimes surpass the need for low to middle income earners, but fall short with incomes greater than $150,000.
Whether your client is generating a modest income or is highly compensated, there is an essential need to provide adequate income protection to help sustain an individual or family’s lifestyle during periods of non-productivity or severely diminished cash flow due to a short or long-term disability.
By stacking additional income protection on top of the coverage the traditional carriers provide, the client’s ability to maintain their current lifestyle turns from fiction to reality.
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