DI Case Study On An NFL Running Back

As we head into the Divisional Rounds, now is the perfect time to share a case study of an NFL running back we worked on earlier in the off season.
In this case, the NFL Running Back being drafted in the second round of the NFL draft and completing three successful seasons, the player was approaching free agency and his biggest paycheck to date. To protect himself and his future income, he needed an insurance policy in place before he hit the field in the fall.
Due to the physical nature of the sport, it was made apparent that if the player suffered an injury or illness resulting in a permanent total disability before he signed a new contract, his future income would be lost. The first policy placed covered $5 million in benefit, but his recent stellar performance moved the advisor on the case to request an increase in disability benefit at the time of renewal.
Our Disability Income Support Team worked with the player’s Agent and Insurance Advisor to develop a $10 million permanent total disability policy, which would soften the blow in the event the player became permanently totally disabled before his next big contract was signed.
This tax-free benefit gave the player peace of mind – if he suffered a serious injury or illness while playing football, his future contract and lifestyle would be protected.
The premium for this case was roughly $90,000 plus taxes and fees.
Even though NFL super-stars need specialized coverage due to the nature of their sport, it’s important to remember that high-earning individuals have a gap in disability income protection as well.
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