DI Covers What Workers’ Comp Doesn’t

Alarmingly, nearly 70% of business owners are not covered under the same Workers’ Comp policy they use for their employees. If they were seriously injured on the job, what would they lean on? Medical Insurance doesn’t cover lost income, and pulling revenue out of the corporation is dicey.

An affordable income protection policy to help your business owner clients protect their income from injury and illness – both on and off the job – is available.

Business Overhead Expense Insurance will reimburse the business owner for all fixed expenses – keeping the doors open while they recover.
Every business owner who carries Workers’ Comp Insurance is an opportunity – ask if they have a plan in place for themselves. Already covered? Compare the cost. And remind them that even a striving company may not survive long without a chief executive overseeing operations.
Business owners aren’t alone – Federal Employees, Independent Contractors, Private Home Domestic Workers, Farm Owners/ Laborers, Maritime Workers, and Railroad Employees are just some of the other occupations also at risk.
Contact your Disability Income Specialist for a case design custom to each of your client’s needs.