Don’t Wait To Hear From Your Clients About Disability Protection


As a Financial Professional, you have an incredible opportunity with clients, friends, and acquaintances that you interact with on a daily basis – they are all in need of an Income Protection Plan.

Bankers, Pharmacists, Dentists, Veterinarians, Grocery Clerks, Doctors, Real Estate Agents, Accountants, Restaurant Owners, Attorneys, Faith Leaders… these are just some of the people you may bump into on any given day.  What do they all have in common?  They all work hard to earn an income to provide for themselves and their families.  

Yet the thought of incurring a sickness or having an accident that would prevent them from working and earning a valuable income often goes overlooked.  You can help.  Simply ask them one question, “Do you have a plan if you get sick or hurt and couldn’t work?”  Then let them know you have an affordable strategy that would help take care of their living expenses should something happen.

Don’t wait to get the call from one of your long-term clients or close friends stating they have been in an accident or have gotten sick and they can no longer work – when you could have had the discussion with them about a Disability Income Protection Plan.  

The financial strain on a family dealing with a long-term illness or recovery from an accident can be financially catastrophic.

Even if you have already had an income protection discussion with your clients in the past and even if they had a plan through work or had an individual plan in place, still ask the question.  They may have changed jobs since you last spoke or let their individual coverage go during our economic downturn. There may be an opportunity now that did not exist in the past.

The best time to contact your clients, friends and acquaintances is right now!

Statistically, the odds are 1 in 4 workers entering the workforce will incur an illness or injury that would prevent them from working for 90 days or longer before they retire.

My experience has shown that people proactively seeking to buy Disability Income protection usually, but not always, already have some kind of a health concern that makes applying for protection more difficult.  Their policy could be issued with limited benefits or some kind of an exclusion for a pre-existing condition.  They could even be declined for the coverage depending on the severity of their health history.

Reach out to your clients while they are still healthy – their rates will never be lower than they are right now.  Recent innovations in the Disability Income market have made it more affordable than ever to secure the coverage your clients need to live their regular lifestyle during the recovery from an illness or injury.  Disability Insurance allows individuals time to focus on their recovery process rather than worrying about the financial strain that comes with not receiving a regular paycheck while still having bills to pay.

Don’t waste time with the prospects who “just don’t get it”.  You will find that there are many people out there that do “get it” and want to learn more.

We have a dedicated Disability Income Team to support your Disability Income marketing efforts; and offer innovative tools you can use to help get the word out to your clients that you are in the Income Protection Business.  We can provide you with the guidance you need to find each of your clients the best plan the industry has to offer.