Ensure Fair Inheritances With Life Insurance

We committed to highlighting important needs that producers can address with insurance based solutions.
The following example is one of many Keep It Simple concepts that one of our strategic carriers has developed to help producers recognize opportunities and meet client needs utilizing Life Insurance.
Common Inheritance Challenges
Parents with multiple children understand how important it is to treat their family fairly. Yet being fair can be a challenge when clients own, and intend on passing down, a family business.

It can be difficult to determine what to do with the business when some children may have played a more active role in the business than others.

Why should your clients be forced to liquidate the assets they have worked so hard to build in order to pass wealth “fairly” to all heirs?
Fortunately, Life Insurance can be a practical solution in these situations. It provides liquidity at your client’s death which can be used to make sure all of the children receive a fair inheritance.
By helping your clients keep the peace within their families, you will earn their trust — and possibly even other sales opportunities down the line as a result.
For more information about how to use Life Insurance as a key part of an estate equalization strategy, please contact the Sales Team today.