Executive Underwriting – No Exams, No Labs

Many executives and professionals undergo executive physicals each year. These types of exams include a comprehensive health review, complete lab panels and cardiovascular testing. These may be conducted at the individual’s personal physician’s office or through a formal program at major health care facilities, such as Mayo Clinic or Cleveland Clinic.
If your professional client has completed a comprehensive executive physical within the past 18 months, they may be eligible for permanent or term coverage through a streamlined underwriting process, without the need for an insurance paramedical exam and labs.
  • Ages 25-65
  • Up to $20 million of coverage
  • Term, Indexed UL and Variable UL plans, including Survivorship (spouse must also have had an eligible physical in the past 18 months)
  • Preferred and Standard classes
  • Executive, Professional, White Collar occupations; Minimum annual income $100k
  • Medical records are required and must include the Executive Physical Exam meeting a minimum criteria of physical measurements with vitals (height, weight, blood pressure reading, pulse), medical history review, full panel blood and urine tests, and cardiovascular testing
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