Expedite Cases With Field Underwriting

Nothing makes an underwriter happier than details to health histories.

When a health history (“I’ve got a guy” scenario) is shared with me, I look for the basics of the Who/What/Where/When and Why.

These details help frame the health history and add context.
The standard set of questions include:
  • What is the nature of illness / health issue or underlying cause? For example:
    • For cancer, type of cancer, area affected, Stage and Grade, PSA readings (if applicable), any recurrence or cancer spread
    • For Diabetes, most recent A1c reading, Type 1 or Type 2
  • Date diagnosed?
  • Diagnosed as Mild, Moderate or Severe?
  • How is the health issue treated?
  • Are symptoms well controlled?
  • Any complications?
  • Fully recovered?
  • Date of last follow-up with a physician and the outcome
  • Present Condition
Also helpful:
  • Height and Weight
  • Any use of tobacco products (cigarettes, cigar, tobacco chew, e-cigs)
  • Any family history such as diabetes or cancer
Every additional detail gleaned or morsel of information provided, builds the story of each particular individual – and allows the underwriter to provide a firmer response with quicker turnaround time, versus working with gaps in information in what could have been a well written story.
Presenting each client’s history to the carriers in the best possible light will allow us to provide you with solid recommendations, the best carrier options, products and plan for a successful outcome.
Our Underwriting Team is here to provide guidance and direction – the full story of each client’s health history has a shot at a happy ending.