Generating Sales With A DI Benefit Review

Are you looking to increase your personal production and income? One straightforward way to generate additional sales with existing clients is to offer a Disability Income Benefit Review.

Many clients already have group Long-Term Disability (LTD) benefits in place, but are unaware of the potential gaps in coverage that Group Plans create.

Questions Advisors Should Never Over Look During A DI Benefit Review:
  • How long must the client wait before collecting Group LTD insurance benefits?
  • What percentage of pay (if any) will they receive during the waiting period?
  • If partial benefits are provided, do they have to be totally disabled during the waiting period?
  • What percentage of their pay will they receive from this benefit?
  • What is the maximum monthly benefit?
  • Is bonus income or incentive pay covered?
  • How long are benefits payable?
  • Will the plan pay benefits if they are working at a reduced capacity?
  • To what extent will their benefit be taxed?
  • To what extent will they be responsible for medical insurance premiums and other benefits previously provided by my employer?
  • Will the benefits be adjusted for cost of living increases?
  • Can they retain the coverage should they change employers?
With answers to these questions, we can show you how to address the existing gaps in your clients’ coverage, while generating increased earning potential for you.
Contact your DI Sales & Marketing Manager for tips on how to incorporate these questions into your existing client review process.