Honoring The Last Wish: The Realities Of LTCi

“What’s your plan?”
That’s the question we encourage agents to ask their clients – because when there isn’t one, the consequences can be heartbreaking.
The New York Times article referenced below addresses the realities of what can happen when there is not a plan in place – through the tragic struggles involved in trying to honor a man’s wish to die at home.
It documents the various requirements of the healthcare system, including Medicare and Medicaid, that can make it nearly impossible to get in-home care.

When you read the story of Joseph Andrey, think about the impact you can have on someone’s dignity of life.

You have the opportunity to make sure this does not happen to any of your clients.
Access the New York Times Article: “Fighting To Honor a Father’s Last Wish: To Die at Home” here.
A comprehensive long-term care insurance policy will cover home care, adult day care, hospice, as well as, assisted living and nursing home. It also provides the insured with the dignity and independence to choose where they get their care.
Please contact your LTC Specialist to discuss how we can help you make a difference in your client’s lives – to design a plan that is both affordable and the best solution for your clients’ needs.