How To Breakthrough The Couple Rejection Objection

As you’ve all experienced, the majority of your clients who are couples come together as a packaged deal. So what happens when a couple applies for a Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCi) policy and only one is approved?
In most cases, the spouse who received the green light may no longer want a policy with a carrier who rejected coverage for their significant other. And even worse, they may decide that they no longer need coverage at all.

The reality is – if one spouse is declined, it is even more crucial that the insurable spouse has a plan in place.

Convincing the insurable spouse to proceed with the plan.
Client Objection: “My spouse was declined so I do not want to take my policy.”
In this case, it is probable that the healthier partner will attempt to care for the other – with whatever financial, physical, emotional and mental demands that are required.
Your Reply: “Caring for a loved one could either be met with minimum effort or it may be very strenuous. And while personally caring for your significant other, you may have do to dip into your savings, leaving little funding left for your own care.”
You Ask: “Would you be ready to go it alone and take care of all those new tasks that arise in a situation like that?”
Once you’ve overcome the objections, we will help you make certain your clients have the right LTCi plan in place to meet their needs.
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