How To Convert On 75% Of Your Sales Opportunities

Providing a needs-based analysis to customers helps them understand how life insurance can work for them and their families.

Three-quarters of shoppers who received a needs analysis bought life insurance.

When a needs analysis was not completed, less than half of the prospects purchased life insurance. A needs analysis will help identify the true amount of coverage necessary. It will ensure all of the client’s concerns and objectives are addressed and remove any uncertainty concerning whether they may be over-insured or under-insured.
It also provides you with greater insight as to the specific financial challenges that your clients are facing and open the door for you to recommend solutions for life insurance and other product lines that can help them protect their financial futures.
The Cross-Selling Opportunity
If you are not a Life Insurance Specialist, these fact finders can help you to cross-sell life insurance to your existing clients and businesses. You have a dedicated team here to help you through each step of the sales process.
If your core business practice is life insurance and you do not currently implement any fact finders or a needs analysis in your sales process, ask yourself if you are converting on 75% of your client opportunities?
We have a number of marketing pieces to help identify the proper amount of personal insurance coverage in a traditional family structure, domestic partnership, special needs planning situation and even in the business insurance marketplace.
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