How To Lower Your Client’s Premium – Every Time

What if you could offer your client the lowest premium on any Term or UL policy every time?
For years, Life Insurance carriers haven’t given their clients the option to offer the death benefit proceeds to be paid in any way but a lump sum. However, with new product advancements a few carriers now offer a flexible death benefit payment option than can provide an income stream for the beneficiaries, while significantly lowering the premium for the insured.

The Income Provider Option from a few of our selected carriers allows the policy owner to select a guaranteed annual or monthly income stream death benefit for payment to one or more beneficiaries.

How it works:
Not only will this Income Provider Option allow the policy owner to control how the benefits will be paid, it also decreases current cost of the insurance by providing graded premium discounts based on how long the income stream pays out. This endorsement is an extremely innovative and cost effective way to hedge against adverse underwriting or premiums above your client’s tolerance to get them the coverage they really need.
The Income Provider Option also presents the client with a great deal of flexibility granting them the ability to directly specify how the payments will be made to the beneficiary. Payments can be structured so that a surviving spouse receives a payment from the policy every wedding anniversary, or a grandchild receives a sizable birthday gift from a grandparent for a designated amount of years. This payment option can provide a lasting legacy and address the personal and sentimental value of the Life Insurance policy by ensuring the death benefit is paid the way the insured intended.
The Income Provider Option provides your client with two immediate benefits; first, it will give them peace of mind knowing their family will be cared for the way they intended, and second it will help lower current premiums, leaving them more discretionary income while they are still alive.
If you have a client in mind or would like to learn more about this great endorsement, please contact your dedicated Life Sales Associate.