Introducing Brand Protection Insurance

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an athlete, an entertainer or someone just famous for being famous; if you want to raise a brand’s profile quickly, hiring a celebrity is a proven way to do so. However, fame can sometimes turn into notoriety.

The media always seeks to uncover celebrity details, and what is exposed is not always flattering.

Death, Disability, & Disgrace coverage provides support for brands that use celebrities or spokespeople to endorse and publicize their products or services.
If in the unfortunate event the insured causes the Brand/Company into being viewed negatively by the public, or the insured becomes disabled or pass away during the policy period, the policy provides up to an agreed sum, enabling the brand managers to recover costs and expenses of the insured campaign.
Consider this:
Take the case of a young performer, who just signed a tour contract and a promotion contract for a well-known beverage company. Both the promoter and the beverage company purchased a Death, Disability, & Disgrace policy to protect their investments and company images.
Halfway through the tour, the young performer had a nervous breakdown and committed numerous acts that were viewed negatively by the community. The tour had to be cancelled and the drink company’s advertising had to be pulled.
With the Death, Disability, & Disgrace policies, the promoter was able to recoup the cost of the cancelled shows and the drink company was able to recover costs and expenses of the insured campaign.
Brand Protection Insurance is ideal for Sponsorships, Spokespersons, Celebrity Endorsements and Personal Appearances.
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