Myth: Long-Term Care Is Just For Nursing Homes

Originally, the primary reason LTC Insurance was created was because it would help cover the high costs of a nursing home. But over the years, the policies have changed dramatically.

Now LTC Insurance is a comprehensive product that helps cover the cost of a variety services.

Consider the real-life Long Term Care example of Joe
He had helped care for both his parents for many years. So, he decided to purchase LTCi to help protect his family from the same responsibilities that he had with his parents.
Later in life, Joe developed an advanced stage of diabetes and several health problems occurred, including blindness and the amputation of his leg. His LTCi policy helped him stay at home by paying for renovations to his home, including ramps and grab bars.
The care coordinator helped walk Joe and his wife through the types of care he needed and provided a referral list of care providers in the area. His wife was able to receive caregiver training and a home health care nurse visits during the day while his wife is at work. LTC Insurance helped Joe stay in his home and have the care he needs.
There are many reasons to obtain Long-Term Care coverage, that can benefit both your client and their family.
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