New Markets To Grow Your DI Sales

The need for an income protection plan is not just for the Executive, Doctor or Attorney earning in excess of $150,000. According to the United States Census Bureau, in October 2020 the Median Household annual income in the United States was $67,521 from all occupations.
Average everyday working people (Middle America) are just as dependent on their income to provide for themselves and their families as anyone in those higher tax brackets.
Your opportunities are endless – reach out to your clients, friends, or family.
Ask if they have an income protection plan in place should they get sick or hurt. You can offer them an affordable plan to protect them and their family. Of the advisors I speak with every day, Life Insurance Agents, Health Insurance Agents, and P&C Brokers, 92% are not talking to their clients about income protection and how affordable it can be.
You can differentiate yourself as an advisor just by offering valuable coverage to your clients that no one has ever spoke to them about.
Here’s an example:
Did you know that the premium for a 40 year old Male Office Administrator for $3,400 monthly benefit is only $41.63 per month? There are affordable plans for even part time Dental Hygienist and Registered Nurses working as little as 24 hours per week.
Talk about opportunities, there are over 192,800 Dental Hygienist in the US earning an average annual income of $97,250* and 2.7 million Registered Nurses earning approx the same income.
Never let premium be the reason your client’s income is left unprotected from an injury or sickness.
The new affordable DI plans can fit most any budget. The premium for a 35 year old Female Dental Hygienist for $2,500 monthly benefit is only $55.52 per month. A 40 year old Male Insurance Agent can purchase $4,000 monthly benefit for $60.28 per month.
Your clients want to buy Income Protection, but they need someone they know and can trust to ask them about it. You are at the front-line to educate your Middle America clientele about the vital need for income protection in the event of an injury or sickness and how affordable it can be.
Discuss income protection insurance with all your prospects and clients, because they may not understand the risk of losing their income should an injury or an illness strike.
Contact your Disability Experts for Marketing Tools and Sales Ideas to help your clients.
*according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics