One Life Insurance Plan – Numerous Benefits

Life Insurance is one of the most valuable assets there is – especially when you consider the numerous benefits that a Permanent Life Policy can provide now, while still securing a financial future for loved ones down the line.

Successful individuals between the ages of 30 and 50 with young families will find that permanent Life Insurance is an ideal asset.

If properly structured, permanent Life Insurance can produce:
  • Tax free death benefit to loved ones
  • Tax deferred cash accumulation and income
  • Tax free benefits to pay for long term care expenses
On top of all these benefits, permanent Life Insurance also offers:
  • Flexible payments
  • No required minimum distributions
  • The opportunity to earn premium discounts and rewards – for clients who engage in John Hancock’s innovative Vitality Program
Do you know which clients you should be marketing Permanent Life Insurance to? Look for clients that seek out value – not just the lowest price on a spreadsheet. Talk to individuals who are open to new concepts and would be interested in one plan that will address their multiple needs.
Contact your Life Sales Rep to learn more regarding what benefits you could be offering using Life Insurance and a few hundred dollars per month.