Open the Door to Small Business Sales

Selling Long-Term Care Insurance to small business owners is not like the emotional roller coaster sale it is when selling to individuals. Business owners tend to look at this as a logical discussion of how you can help with their business finances.
Many are always looking for a way to save on taxes so a great way to open the door to an LTC sale would be, “If I could show you something that could help your business reduce its tax burden, would you be interested?”

All businesses can deduct LTC Insurance premiums paid using business dollars.

Depending on the tax structure of the business, the owner can either deduct the actual premium or eligible premium.  How?
Owners of C corporations can deduct the actual premium paid on a LTC Insurance policy for the owner / employee, spouse, dependents and a designated class of employees.
Self employed business owners such as sole proprietors, partnerships or LLCs can deduct the eligible premium paid for the owner, spouse and dependents. The eligible premium is established annually based on the medical care components of the Consumer Price Index.
This opportunity allows you to approach any type of small business because you are able to offer a money saving solution. Be sure to approach small business owners with a plan that provides essential LTC coverage and allows them to take advantage of federal tax incentives.
For more information about selling LTC to small business owners contact your LTC Specialist today.