Protecting Your Client’s Income And Their Ultimate Retirement Goals

With the economy the way it is, most would agree that saving for retirement in these trying economic times can be challenging to say the least.
According to a CNBC study, 36% of American’s making over $100,000 a year, said they aren’t contributing a dime to retirement savings such as a 401k or IRA account.

Now imagine trying to save for retirement if you are too sick or hurt to go to work and earn an income. It quickly becomes next to impossible.

We have a carrier that offers a solution to help protect your client’s ultimate retirement goal – called DI Retirement Security.
DI Retirement Security allows your client to continue saving for retirement even if a disabling event should unexpectedly arise, by making a retirement contribution of up to 15% of their income or a maximum of $4,550 every month for the length of any long-term or total disability event.
Here are some sales approach tips:
  • Sell Individual DI Insurance and DI Retirement Security together
  • Approach clients who are at their maximum issue limits for Individual DI
  • Approach clients who are contributing the maximum to their 401(k)
  • Talk with business owners about providing DI Retirement Security as an employee benefit for executives and key employees
To find out more about how you can couple Individual DI Insurance with DI Retirement Security to help your client reach their ultimate goal of retirement, please contact your dedicated DI Associate at (949) 863-0700 Option 4 today.