Put Idle Money To Work

Do your clients have “idle money” you don’t know about? Perhaps they have some emergency funds sitting in savings, money market or a CD, and it’s just not working as hard for your clients as it could.

Do your clients have money that could be better used to help them plan ahead for the risk of a future extended health care need?

Consider reallocating a portion of these assets into a linked benefit solution.
Here are some potential benefits. If your clients:
  • Change their mind. With the Return of Premium Provision, clients can get at least their initial premium back.
  • Do not use the LTCi benefits. Beneficiaries get a tax free death benefit.
  • Like the idea of instant leverage. Instantly provide your clients approximately 2x their initial premium for a death benefit, and depending on the product, nearly 2x to 6x their initial premium in covered long-term care benefits (amounts will vary due to age and gender).
  • Need LTCi. The benefits are tax free.
  • Want a tax break. Covered LTCi benefits and life insurance death benefits are income tax free.
A linked benefit solution is a win-win proposition. Let’s get your clients’ money working harder. Contact your LTCi Specialists for more information.