Succession Planning For Your Business Owner Clients – We Can Help

Business owners are faced with many challenges when doing the planning related to a successful exit. Typically, business owners focus on day-to-day operations far more than on retirement, or on keeping the business going in the event of death. Business owners need your help!

You can rely on our expert guidance – we’ll help you target potential opportunities and navigate through the entire planning process.

We offer the following exit planning tools – at no cost:
  • Access to a Succession Consultation Group
  • Materials that will help motivate and engage your clients
  • Professional review of a completed business succession fact finder
  • A report summarizing the findings
  • Participation on conference calls with you and your clients
  • Analysis including applicable ideas, agreements and concepts
  • Undeniable value to your client
Target Market:
  • Owner aged 45-60
  • Substantial owner net worth
  • Owner wants to exit business in 2 to 10 years, or transfer the business at death
  • History of stable earnings over a period of years
  • Annual revenue of $2 to $50 million
  • Sustainable and transferable cash flow
  • 5 to 100 employees
We deliver the most relevant tools for you to use – please contact us today for assistance with growing your share of sales in the business insurance marketplace.