Sweat Equity, Without The Equity

The business world abounds with stories of the entrepreneurs who managed success building an undercapitalized venture largely because they made little or nothing in the early years, choosing rather to channel revenues back into the growth of the business.
But there are often unsung heroes in these stories of delayed gratification: those talented and enterprising key employees who, captured by the vision and its opportunities, also sacrificed, giving up other more “sensible” opportunities, committing to onerous work schedules, and settling for less salary during their “salad days” so they might share in the bounty down the road.

The difference is that they have no ownership interest; and therein lies the sales opportunity.

Business owners with a conscience will be sure to reward such sacrifice among loyal employees when company fortunes turn.
Unfortunately there are some things over which the they have no control, like their unexpected premature death, or the level of obligation that successor owners might feel for those employees who played a role in getting the company to the dance.
There is an easy and economical way business owners can protect loyal employees, and the concept should be a club in the bag of every agent working the small to mid-sized business market, or who wants to be a player there.
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