The Future Envisioned: Making It Happen

Do your clients have clear visions of their future?
While many may have a vague sense of what they want, things to accomplish, or relationships they hope to develop, very few can actually articulate what they think their life will look like five or more years down the road.
As an advisor, it’s important to not only help your clients plan for the future they desire, but to also help protect it. And the best place to start is by protecting their income.

Income, when viewed over an entire career, is likely to be your clients’ single biggest asset. It is the source of funding today, tomorrow, and every day thereafter.

Income will pay for a lifetime of purchases, both large and small; it will fund the monthly cost of a mortgage, make up a portion of savings, and eventually support a comfortable retirement.
What if your client were to become disabled?
A 35-year old with an annual salary of $50,000 with 3% raise each year who experiences a permanent disability may lose up to $2,625,138 in potential earnings by age 67. Without a plan in place to protect that potential, your client is exposed to an enormous amount of risk. (
How can you get the conversation started?
Start by asking your clients what would happen if they got sick or hurt and suddenly didn’t have the ability to earn their income.
  • How long could they last before their lifestyle would be disrupted?
  • If they have a family, how would they be affected?
  • Would they need to dip into personal savings or other assets to cover expenses?
  • What would be sacrificed to keep their life intact while they recover?
Your clients’ incomes fuel the engines that drives them into the future.
Without it, their ability to fund the futures they envision and that you helped to plan is in jeopardy. Now is the time to talk to your clients about income protection – there are affordable plans available to protect a most valuable asset.
Contact your DI Sales Specialist to discuss the income protection opportunity and the availability of plans to meet your clients’ needs.