The Shocking Truth About The Average American Household

Losing a loved one can be devastating to a family, both emotionally and financially. While it is almost impossible to prepare for the emotional challenge of death, it is much easier to prepare for the financial challenge when adequate life insurance coverage is in place.

More than half of Americans believed that they would feel the financial impact from the loss of the primary wage earner within six months.

This doesn’t just speak to households where there is no existing life insurance coverage in place.
Over one quarter of consumers who already own life insurance feel that they do not have an adequate amount of coverage.
As life insurance agents, staying in regular contact with existing clients helps to ensure that the amount of coverage in place is commensurate with changes in their lifestyles.
Many life events such as marriage, divorce, the birth of a child, changes in employment or the purchase of property will trigger a change in the insured’s need for life insurance coverage. When your clients are going through these experiences, their life insurance coverage is often not at the front of their mind.
We have tools available for your immediate use to simplify the regular review of your clients’ existing coverage, including customized kits for both you and your clients!
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