Underwriting Family History = Preferred Underwriting Class To Make The Sale!

This A+ carrier’s underwriting guideline provides one more option for your client with a less than favorable family history.

When it comes to underwriting, this carrier takes an aggressive approach and looks closely at controlled impairments.

Let’s take a look at this Underwriting Case Study:
  • 55-year-old male
  • Non-tobacco user
  • Applying for $5,000,000 of UL coverage
  • Receives annual checkups from his Primary Care Physician
  • Favorable build, blood pressure readings and lab work including lipids
  • Current medications include Lipitor and Lisinopril
  • Recent, imaged study recorded as normal in medical records
  • Father died at age 58 of coronary artery disease
Their offer: Preferred!
In this case study of family history with heart disease, this carrier can apply a credit for individuals that have one single family member that died prior to age 60 due to heart disease. With good risk factors and favorable cardiac work up (stress test, EBCT), a family history of death prior to age 60 from heart disease can qualify for a potential Preferred!
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