Underwriting Niches Lead To Opportunities To Place More Cases

We know how to elevate your sales. We are experts when it comes to new and innovative underwriting changes. We also know which carriers to recommend for your challenging clients.

Bottom line, we find ways to say “yes” to your cases.

We represent carriers that can offer:
  • Right away to individuals after treatment is completed for early stage prostate and breast cancer
  • Preferred Non-Smoker rates to your clients who use marijuana on a regular basis
  • Up to $3 million of term or permanent plan coverage to your healthy clients without any exam requirements, and can still offer their Super Preferred rates
  • Standard or even better to your clients with Type 2 diabetes
  • Preferred classes to your overweight clients
  • Preferred Best rates even if someone’s total cholesterol level is up to 300
  • Preferred Best rates for someone who is treated for depression
  • Preferred or better for your clients treated for sleep apnea using their CPAP machine on a nightly basis
  • Non-Smoker rates to your clients who smoke cigars or pipes or use tobacco chew on a regular basis (even daily) and have a positive specimen for nicotine
Contact the Life Underwriting Team – get some Preferred Best service as we help you with your next case!