Vaping – Underwriting Non-Combustible Tobacco Use

Non-combustible tobacco products are those that do not require burning the tobacco for consumption. Vaping, or electronic cigarettes, is a type of non-combustible tobacco that is heated at a lower temperature to create an aerosol for inhaling.

Generally, vaping is rated the same as combustible tobacco; at smoker rates.

There is a special program offered by one of our carriers that can allow non-tobacco rates for vaping if an additional biomarker lab test checked by the carrier is negative.
If eligible, the rate class can be improved from tobacco rates to non-tobacco rates with a one-class downgrade. For example, a Preferred Tobacco rating to Standard Non-Tobacco.
To qualify:
  • Tobacco use must be non-combustible only; nicotine delivery devices (vaping), chewing tobacco and snuff
  • No use of cigarettes or cigars in the past 10 years
  • A tobacco combustion biomarker ordered by the carrier is negative
Contact our expert Underwriting Team to find out more about this special program.