Why Tax Season Is The Optimal Time To Discuss LTC Planning

Tax season is about to begin – pretty soon people all across the country will be in the midst of preparing and filing their returns.
But did you know it’s also an opportune time to talk to your clients about the vital importance of Long-Term Care Insurance?

There are numerous tax-related benefits that come with LTCi.

For example, LTC Insurance premiums may be tax deductible. Clients may be eligible to receive deductions or credits on their state tax returns for paid LTC Insurance premiums.
Plus, tax refunds are a great way to pay into LTC Insurance premium payments. Doing so on an annual basis can make paying premiums a non-event.
LTC Insurance is often the missing piece in many financial plans – and tax preparation provides the opportunity for your clients to review their financial plans and identify any gaps in their coverage.
For more information on the potential tax benefits of LTC Insurance or for additional information contact your LTC Sales Rep.