Why Women May Be The Answer To Your LTCi Sales

Not only are women living longer than ever, they’re also the target market that will drive your LTCi sales further.
Women typically have spent some time during their life taking care of another person – a daughter, sister, wife, mother or friend. As they look to their futures, they must consider how they are going to take care of themselves.

With 70% of people over the age of 65 requiring assistance due to physical or cognitive impairments, and women’s life expectancy being 83.1 years, they have a higher chance of needing long-term care.

Why Long-Term Care Insurance?
Planning ahead can help protect your clients’ assets and allow them to get care covered in a variety of settings, including within the comfort of their own home.
LTCi is especially important for women who may be single, divorced, or widowed as they do not have a built-in spousal caregiver as some of your other clients may.
Talk to your female clients about taking the important step to consider how the need for long-term care could impact their future.
We’re here to help you design a plan that is both affordable and the best solution for your clients’ needs – contact your LTCi Sales Rep for guidance.